Below are the answers to those frequently asked questions.  If your question about our services is not covered here, send us an email and we will get back to you.

If I ask a question do you just give me the answer?  No.  We will give you a full working answer with step by step direction so that you can use the information for similar questions in the future.

What if I still do not understand how to work out and answer?.   No problem at all.  Just tell us where you think you are getting lost.  There is normally more than one way to achieve the same result.

Why will it take 24 hours to answer my question?   We aim to answer your question as soon as possible, but during high demand we may not be able to get to your question straight away.  24 hours is the worst case scenario.

Do I have to write the question out in full or can I just take a photo and send through?   Yes you can send your question via a photo.  In this instance we may not give you the actual answer to make sure you are learning the steps.  By writing out the question it will help your brain to understand what it needs to do, so we do recommend you write out your question if its not too long.  

Can I send you through my workings so you can tell me where I've gone wrong? Yes most definitely.  You will certainly get the most of your learning by trying his approach.