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Online questions/help line is via a 24 hour e-mail response (by the second business day) on matters relating to institutional studies via our online Help is limited to a maximum of 50 questions per annum per subscriber. Follow up questions by email may at our discretion be counted towards those 50 questions. From 1 January 2014, subscribers seeking over 50 Help questions within their subscription year and each of their renewal years can apply for the following - Gold Access for up to 100 questions per annum upon payment of double the standard annual renewal fee or Platinum Access for more than 100 questions per annum at a cost of treble the standard annual renewal fee.

A user’s password in respect of the location applicable to the online licence will be amended annually so as to ensure that the licence is at all times held exclusively for the benefit for users who work or practise and continue to work or practise from that location.

Technical support via our online Contact Us.

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Subscription and online licence

Homework Help offers these methods of payment for both subscriptions and annual renewals:

  1. Credit card payment via our website subscription and renewal page.
  2. Direct deposit in full by EFT within 7 days from date of subscription.

Privacy and security

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