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We are masters level educated tutors specialising in helping secondary school students with your homework questions or any queries you may have from their class lessons.  We specialise in Maths and Science for levels 1, 2 & 3 NCEA.

We have copies of previous exam questions you can download and work through to help with your exam preparation.

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  • Better Marks in assignments and tests - We improve students understanding of the subject.
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  • Motivated learners - We work with students so they become independent and confident scholars.


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With absolute privacy we can answer any of your homework or class questions. No question is ever too silly when it comes to learning.





"Tasha is Amazing!  I messaged her asking for help with graphs for my daughters science project.  She explained it in an easy way for both my daughter and I to understand.  Highly recommended." Nikki 


"Our tutor was able to explain things in a variety of different ways until my son understood totally.  She was calm and patient with him"  Michael



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Homework help was founded in New Plymouth 2018.  The CEO and Founder obtained an engineering degree at Christchurch University and a Masters at the University of Technology in Sydney.  She has been providing quality tutoring to private paying individuals for nearly 2 decades.  Homework help is rapidly expanding and we will only employ the best tutors available.  We wish to offer a prompt, accurate and easy to understand service.  If you have any concerns, please send us an email.  We are only too happy to help.